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Hi!  My name is Amy.  I’m a stay at home mom to a 6 year old son and this is my blog. During the school year I work as an assistant Preschool teacher at a local preschool, 2 mornings a week.  Rockin’ Deals is a PR friendly website! I began Rockin’ Deals in March of 2010. I started my blog as a way to share the great deals that I was finding with my friends and family.  Over the last year and half has grown with leaps and bounds.

Thank you for your interest in working with me!   Advertising on mommy blogs is a great way to promote your products and company!  I look forward to working with you!

A review is a great way to promote your product or business and get real feedback.  All posts will include products details, links, and personal pictures of my family using the product (where applicable). Sometimes a video review will be made.

The review would entail you sending me a product from your store to try out for myself. All Products sent will not be returned, as I will actually be using and tested in order to form an opinion on the product.  After I have had a chance to review the product and try it out I would then post about my experience with the product. If the product is something that I did not like or had a negative opinion about I would contact you, the sponsor, to see how you would like to proceed before posting. All review products should be valued at $25 or more.

I recommend offering a giveaway with a review. Giveaways generate a lot more exposure and excitement towards the products as the reader feels they too may get to try your wonderful product. It will help generate traffic to your site as the mandatory entry to win the product involves visiting the site.  This entry can be anything from picking a favorite product, choosing the style/product they would pick as the winner, noting something they learned from the site, or even answering a question you may want to pose such as what other products they would you like to see. You can choose this question if you have certain things you’d like to learn from the entries, or I will use whichever seems most appropriate for the particular giveaway.

Giveaways generally run anywhere from 7-14 days.

A giveaway would include the review above but also would feature an additional product that the followers of my website would have the opportunity to win! This can be a set product that you specify or a choice of product or style of a product from your shop. It could also just be a gift card to your shop. Any prizes would need to be shipped by you, the sponsor and all shipping and handling charges would need to be covered.

Please allow 4-6 weeks to write up a review/giveaway from the time I receive the product. This will allow me to spend time actually use and experience the product on more than one occasion before posting.

If you would like to feature ONLY a giveaway where I do not receive a product to review then there will be a fee to cover the time involved in posting, moderating comments, and hosting the giveaway.  In a giveaway only post I would still write up about the types of products or product that you sell, but without any review of any actual experience with the product. Allow 1-2 weeks for the post to be made.

*Please note, for a review and giveaway, a similar, standard size product should be provided in order to give an honest opinion! Products will not be returned, nor is it Rockin’ Momma’s responsibility for shipping.  ALL Giveaway prizes are to be shipped directly to the winner by the sponsor.  Contact me for more details.

If your not interested in a review and/or giveaway then a sponsored post is for you!  A sponsored post is a non-personal review of the products and features of your website/company without any review item sent.  This includes text links and images as requested. Please email for my current rate.  Sponsored post are made with in a 1-2 week period from from receipt of payment. All payments need to be paid in full via Paypal before the post will be published.  Contact me for more details.

Premium Ad Space – A limited number of Premium Ad Space is offered on Rockin’ Deals. Spaces are on a first come, first serve basis and are limited to 9 ads. Size is 125w x 125h. This is a max width and height, your ad does not have to be square.  Contact me for more details.

Text Link – Don’t want an ad, how about just a Text link? Contact me for more details.

*Discounted rates available for more than one month or more than one Ad and/or Link. Payments paid in full via Paypal before any ads will appear. Banners/Buttons are to be provided in the correct size by the sponsor. Any ads with offensive images or linked to offensive websites will not be accepted! No Refunds.

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Please feel free to contact me about any questions you have about working with Rockin’ Deals!  Click here to email me!

I’m looking forward to working with you!


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