How to make Homemade Butter for Thanksgiving


I love making Homemade Butter for Thanksgiving every year with my son.  It gives him something to do while your busy cooking.  Plus how cool is it that you made your own Butter! We’ve made it the last few years! It’s so easy to do!

What you will need is heavy whipping cream and a glass jar with a lid.

The more cream you use, the larger the jar should be. Use a small jar if you are just using 1/4 cup cream.

Place the cream in the jar. Cover with the lid.

Now, Shake, shake shake and shake!

Keep shaking, after a little while it will start to thicken…keep shaking, it will get real hard to move in the jar at this point, but keep going.  After a little bit longer and soon the buttermilk will separated out from the solids.

Pour the butter and buttermilk through a mesh strainer over a bowl.  Be sure to use a deep bowl. You don’t want the strainer sitting in the buttermilk.  You can smoosh out any remaining buttermilk with your hands.

You can add a little salt for taste if needed!

Save your buttermilk in the fridge and use it in bread, scones, muffins, etc.

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