WAT-AAH put out a “The WAT-AAH! Challenge,”  this year.  And asked Mom bloggers, families, and schoolteachers to posted their results via video clips and photographs on This Fall, WAT-AAH! is introducing the 2011 Back-to-School Challenge with WAT-AAH!’s newest 10 oz. bottles, which are designed to meet the growing demands of moms and kids looking for WAT-AAH! that will fit perfectly in every kid’s lunch box!

My son was excited to see that we got a new shipment for Review from WAT-AAH.  He loves WAT-AAH.  For the most part all we drink (my son and I) is water.
So having other drinks, such as juice boxes or pouches is a special treat. 

So it wasn’t to my surprise that he did not pick the WAT-AAH! when he opened the fridge door to find other treats in there.  His first pick was the juice box.

But his next pick was the bottle of WAT-AAH! Followed by the rest of the bottles of WAT-AAH!  I think the Pouch drink wanted until the end.

Disclosure:  I received free products in return for an honest review.  Thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.  For more information please see my full disclosure policy.


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